Who is the founder of the project?

www.longboard-check.de is founded 2016 by Longboarders.  Natascha Dänner,  Moritz Weixler, Michael Brooke and Alexander Lenz taking part of it.. We get support from specimen from Clubs, Industry and Media.

Why you do that?

Its difficult to find any Page with Longboards where you can find real Tests. That lead people and Longboarders of the future to pages that are only commercial with really bad content.

Are your Tests independent?

Bei der Erstellung der Tests wird auf Neutralität geachtet. Es wird kein Hersteller bevorzugt oder benachteilgt. Allerdings nehmen wir – und wir hoffen auch ihr nicht – kein Brett vor den Mund….

Who pay it?

Derzeit wird das Portal durch Spenden des 40inch Longboardmagazins finanziert. Wir hoffen zukünftig mit der ein oder anderen Aktion Gelder zu sammeln. Oder auf kostenlose Boards die wir den Vereinen und Testern zur Verfügung stellen können. Wenn nicht anders geplant, behalten die Vereine die Boards. Wir würden aber auch gerne soziale Projekte mit Boards unterstützen.


How do i become a Tester?

Sendet uns einfach eine Email an info@longboardmagazin.de und wir setzen uns mir dir in Verbindung. Es gibt auch eine Facebookgruppe, in der wir arbeiten.

How should the Test be?

Optimal wäre eine kurze Info darüber wer du bist und wo das Brett herstammt. Infos über den Hersteller wären auch gut, wir haben aber eine Datenbank mit allen Hersteller angelegt.

Can i send Tests?

Ja, natürlich ist dies möglich. Sende ihn einfach per Mail an info@longboardmagazin.de Er wird dann umgehend hochgeladen, nachdem wir ihn nochmals überflogen haben. Zwar sind wir durch das Presserecht vor Repressalien seitens der Hersteller weitestgehend geschützt – es gibt aber auch Grenzen.

My Test is not online?

Wir prüfen zunächst die Substanz des Berichtes und schalten ihn dann umgehend online.

General questions

Who is behind this project?

Www.longboard-check.de was founded in 2016 by enthusiastic longboarders. Natascha Dänner, Moritz Weixler, Michael Brooke and Alexander Lenz are the founders. They are supported by various experts from associations, industry, trade and the media.

Why are you doing this?

There is currently hardly a website on which one can find reviews. This means that many future long-boarders rely on pages, which are said to be more commercial.

Are the tests independent?

When preparing the tests, neutrality is taken into account. No manufacturer is preferred or disadvantaged. However, we – and we hope not her – do not take a board to the mouth ….

How is the portal funded?

The portal is currently funded by donating the 40inch longboard magazine. We hope to collect some money in the future. Or on free boards which we can provide to the clubs and testers. Unless otherwise planned, the clubs keep the boards. We would also like to support social projects with boards.

How do I become a tester?

Just send us an email to info@longboardmagazin.de and we will get in touch with you. There is also a Facebook group in which we work.

How should the test look?

Optimal would be a short info about who you are and where the board came from. Information about the manufacturer would be good, but we have created a database with all manufacturers.

Can I simply send tests?

Yes, of course, this is possible. Just send it by e-mail to info@longboardmagazin.de It will be uploaded immediately after we have flown it again. We are largely protected by the press law against reprisals by manufacturers, but there are also limits.

My test is not online yet?

We first check the substance of the report and then turn it on immediately.

How can I list my shop?

It ‘s easier than that. Https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MMZ2BBF Under the link you will find a questionnaire. Fill it out and you’ll be listed on the page. We have already listed some shops on our old site. Who sells in a single brand which only you can betray us. So take your time.

How can I test my boards?

Of course. We are pleased that you are planning this. Please contact us. Info@longboardmagazin.de We’ll call you a tester nearby.

What if I do not like the test?

You can, of course, object to the test. Then this is discussed again in the working group. In addition, another test is carried out by another tester.