A huge number of longboards and skateboards are sold online. With each passing day, companies like are grabbing an increasing amount of marketshare.

This is having a detrimental effect on skate shops. If you value what skateshops give to skateboarding and how they promote the culture of boardsports, you understand they are the lifeblood of the entire industry.

It’s not that the local shops fear competition as much as they fear disinformation. And when it comes longboarding, there is a ton of disinformation out there on the web.

The history of skateboarding is filled with companies copying ideas. The problem is exacerbated by the power of the web.

Unsuspecting consumers visit Google “what is the best longboard?” and up will pop a litany of somewhat suspicious information.

This “information” is derived from so-called “longboard tests.” In reality, these sites are not testing longboards – they are merely part of a marketing affiliation program. Under each “test” you will find a link to a big online retailer.

With the power of links the online retailer claims a number one ranking. It would be fair, if all the skate brands in the world were tested. But generally, there are about 10 brands and most are cheap. Cosmetically, they look pretty good, but they have cheap components.

Some compare a cheap board with a high tech board like Loaded. The highest rating is 10 and the lowest is 1. In the end the Loaded get 8.5 and the cheap one winds up with an 8.4. They might say they argue.. we prefer the Loaded. But is that really a good way. The Customer will say, “Oh, its only .1 Point difference. That is not much. Let’s buy the cheaper board.”

This false equivalency pretty much borders on fraud. People look to “test pages” as an authoritative, unbiased source and what is actually happening is they are being fed quite a bit of BS. We recognize there has to be low, medium and high price points. But when it comes to actually legitimately testing product, the playing field must be fair.

The impact of a market flooded with products that consumers feel are “pretty good” severely impacts local shops and small skate companies. The entire skate ecosystem is so awash with disinformation and poor product that it pretty much collapses. Online retailers move onto the “next big thing” completely forgetting about skateboarding and leaving a trail of destruction.

Local independent shops are the lifeblood of skateboarding and they need support more than ever.


Our problem is not interest in longboarding. Our problem is the unscrupulous information that is floating around on the web like a giant turd. To counter this,  we are proposing an international test portal, run by the community of experienced longboarders. We will explain in a tremendous amount of detail precisely what boards are best for a beginner. We will further detail precisely what each board is good. The focus will be on performance, not hype.

The goal is to create a trustworthy site that really shines a spotlight on what really happens when the four wheel hit the road. As we stated, the market needs all price points, but the market also needs to be informed as to what exactly they are purchasing.

Once a kid or the parent of a kid google the word “longboard beginner“ – they will be lead to Here they find all the information they need. And a list of thousand local shops that can help them find the perfect longboard.


Make no mistake, online retail coupled with disinformation and affiliated marketing is not slowing down. It’s growing with each passing year. Countering its toxic affects will take a huge amount of effort. The product you donate to this program will be tested and scrutinized. It will also be celebrated for the quality and effort that was put into making it. If you would like to be part of this program, please send us an email.

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